The people who I met in Nagoya #39

Eric from USA

Eric comes from Oregon, North-West of USA where he works as a baker. It is his first visit to Japan and the first real travel he is doing. He has been to Mexico to see his family before but he doesn’t consider it as a trip. I think it is very bold of him to travel like he is doing – alone, without a specific route, ready to sleep under the stars without a tent like a true backpacker.

After spending a couple of days in Nagoya, he intends to go to Kyoto.

Eric likes the fact Japanese fashion is very diverse, it’s rare to find two people wearing the same clothes he told me. He also thinks that Japanese women are prettier than American women.

Eric is a cool person, I think his trip to Japan will give him a desire to visit other countries.

I told him about Osu Kannon market and Akamon-Dori as he is a fan of Mangas. He immediately asked me the direction of Osu Kannon and went there!

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The people who I met in Nagoya #38

Joris from France

Joris has lived in Japan since October and he plans to stay here for the moment. He works in The Opera, a French restaurant which organizes wedding ceremonies in Nagoya. He told me it was easy to find this job, even if he is a foreigner and doesn’t have a Japanese degree. He searched for a job in Paris for six months without success and after he came to Japan three years ago, he fell in love with the Japanese language and culture and decided to work here.

As he hasn't spoken French for a long time, Joris was mixing Japanese and French. He told me he would need three more years to be able to speak, write and read perfectly in Japanese.

Joris is getting the most out of his trip. I think he made the right choice in coming to live in Japan. He is very happy to be here and I hope it will continue this way. He is a friendly person and I got his e-mail address to keep in touch with him.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #37

Gabriel from France

Gabriel is studying at Sogokenkyudaigakuin University, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, in Miura district, Kanagawa. He is only 23 years old but is already in a Masters course and he is going to start his sixth year. He is in Japan for one year and he thinks he will stay two more years. He told me about his thesis that he is working on. It sounds very interesting. It is a kind of solar mission - he is going to UVSOR in Okazaki to make an experiment there to determine the magnetic power of the sun after the atmosphere. Then him and his group are going to send a satellite to space to conclude the experiment.

Gabriel appreciates the way Japanese people invest themselves in their work, even if it is a small job. He thinks French people are not like this and they should follow the example of the Japanese.

It was very interesting to converse with Gabriel. He has an opinion on many things and he does not hesitate to say what he thinks. I would have liked to speak more with him but he was in a hurry.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #36

Ben from America

It is Ben’s first time in Japan and he is just staying one week here. He knows it is not enough but he has already planned to come back later in the year. Ben is a computer engineer in New York and he has travelled to Mexico, Canada, Peru, England, Ireland, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Czech Republic, China, Thailand, Laos, Taiwan and he plans to travel to Africa. He is an open minded person, understandably with all the countries he has visited.

One thing really surprised him in Japan - pachinko. He was shocked by how loud and luminous they are. “I almost had a seizure” he told me. He does love Japanese culture though and the fact it is distinct and proper to Japan only.

For Japanese who would like to go to New York, Ben's advice is to not visit only Manhattan but also visit the Queens and Brooklyn too. There are many interesting places there and it is not as dangerous as in films.

Ben is a friendly person, we didn’t talk a lot but it was interesting. He encouraged me to visit USA!

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The people who I met in Nagoya #35

Elli from Australia

Elli is one of the most relaxed people I’ve met. He was sitting on his luggage when I asked him for the interview and he replied “yeah sure dude, have a seat!" He's the type of person who it is really easy to befriend. So we started to talk and he told me he is going to stay six weeks in Japan, travelling around the country. He has been to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, France, Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Israel (where he was born) and Turkey.

His mom made him want to travel in Japan. She came here when she was younger and she was always talking about her trip he told me. He thinks Japanese people are respectful and helpful and the country is clean, safe and the prices are reasonably cheap (compared to Australia).

Some advice for Japanese people who want to go in Australia: “Be careful when you swim, the under current is very dangerous, more than sharks or jellyfish if you’re not a good swimmer."

It was a good meeting and what he told me about Australia made me want to go there after my studies. Maybe I’ll see some students of ESOT there! Elli is really a friendly person!

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The people who I met in Nagoya #34

Sonia from France

Sonia arrived in Japan four days ago and she is going to stay two more weeks. She works in Paris as a Web Project Manager. She spent a few days in Kyoto and Osaka where she discovered that “clothes prices are lower compared to France, or at least for women." She also visited a few temples.

When she arrived in Japan a few days ago, Japanese TV interviewed her and she told me they asked her more or less the same questions as I’ve asked her… it seems we are inspiring Japanese media!

Sonia was the first person to tell me that Japan is very American, “the circulation is very similar to America but Japanese people are pretty tight on the rules”. She thinks Japan is an industrialized country but people are very respectful and welcoming, I agree with her.

Sonia told me she plans to come back to Japan, I’m happy to see that she likes Japan and I hope she will have many new experiences in this country!

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The people who I met in Nagoya #33

Melanie from Switzerland

Melanie just arrived in Japan for the first time two days ago and is going to stay 25 more days. I was pleased to learn that she speaks French as well as English… I won’t tell you which one I chose to do the interview in!

We are nearly the same age but Melanie is more intrepid than me as she has been to France, Corsica where she used to sleep in a tent, United States, Thailand and England. In Switzerland, she lives in Lausanne, which is near a mountainous area so she often does ski and rambling.

She used to study about banks, but she has stopped to go to tourism school next year. So since she has free time until school starts next year, she is traveling in Japan with the Japan Rail Pass. She is interested in learning more about the culture and meeting new people. She has a Japanese friend who is living in Nagoya that she met in England.

I spent a good moment with Melanie, she is very talkative and smiling. We laughed a lot and I hope she will be fine with Japanese writing because she was totally lost when she arrived.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #32

Oliver from Mexico

Oliver moved to Japan last year. He lives and works in Nagoya as a fitness coach (he gave me his business card if someone is interested). He plans to live in Japan with his wife for the moment “life is better in Japan than Mexico” he told me. He also would like to live in Canada at a later date.

At first his accent made me think that he was French. He told me that his mother is French but unfortunately for me, he just knows one sentence in French “C’est la vie!” (That’s life), I laughed in hearing that.

Oliver studies Japanese at DAISU, a free Japanese school in Nagoya. “Japan is a great country, sometimes they have too many manners but they are nice people”. His favorite city is Tokyo “I wouldn’t like to live there, it’s crazy in this city but it is a good place for visiting.”

He was going to a job interview at a Spanish restaurant when I approached him, I hope he got the job! We exchanged Facebook details and I am waiting to hear good news from him.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #31

Quentin from France

Quentin has been in Nagoya since January and he will stay three years in Japan. He is working for Forest Line, a company specialized in the manufacturing of machine tools (a machine which creates airplane wings in his case). He has been to Kyoto, Osaka and Nakayama.

Quentin appreciates the safety in this country and the Japanese food, even if he thinks that French dishes are more tasteful. He was surprised by the fact there are not that many cars in Nagoya’s streets compared to Orleans, his native city. Another difference from France is about jobs – a lot of jobs in Japan don’t exist in France and could be judged as useless.

Quentin likes his life in Japan, “this is a country where life is good” he told me. But he doesn’t plan to spend all his life in Japan, he wants to work in as many countries as he can. He has worked in Germany, England and Spain before and he wants to continue. He is a cool guy.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #30

Erwin from the Netherlands

This is Erwin's second time in Japan. Before, he spent one year in Kyoto for an exchange. He is studying Japanese in the Netherlands and he plans to be a translator in his country. He is in Japan for six months this time and has visited Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Hiroshima.

Erwin’s favorite city is Kyoto, even if it is too hot in summer. He thinks it is a beautiful city and it is a good thing that there are lot of tourists there but they aren’t accustomed to the rules of the city, they walk in the middle of the street for example.

He also likes the train system in Japan, hard to understand at the beginning but becomes really simple after practice. The safety country in the world - “In the Netherlands you can’t leave your bag three minutes without watching it”.

He has visited Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, England and Italy.

His favorite dishes are sushi, gyudon, curry rice and okonomiyaki.

Erwin is a nice and talkative guy. He is the first person from the Netherlands I’ve met. It was a good meeting.

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