The people who I met in Nagoya #49

Dario from Portugal

Dario is from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. He came to Japan for studies and he is going to stay one year here. He came to Nagoya to meet a Portuguese friend who is also studying in Japan. It is his first time in Japan but he was eager to come here. For many years, he has been learning Japanese, actually he is a huge fan of the country! He has visited Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Nara, Kobe and other little cities. He thinks each city has its own atmosphere and charm. People are really kind and polite, the country is really safe and everything is clean. The structures are also really organized and well prepared.

Dario has visited a few countries in Europe but he told me Japan was his aim. He fell in love with Japan after hearing about Japan from friends who had visited the country. Then he read many books about the country and nowadays he plans to work here. He likes Portugal too but the Japanese way of living is better for him even if the work seems to be harder. There are not a lot of Japanese tourists in Portugal he told me. This is unfortunate for him as he would have liked to have exchanges with them before he came to Japan.

Sometimes, the country where you are born is not necessarily the best place for you to live. You have to travel and find this place. I think Dario has found his and I'm really glad for him. He is a nice person and I hope his dream will become a reality.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #48

Alex from Russia

When I first saw Alex, I thought he was a tourist, but actually he has lived in Japan for eight years with his family. He works in a trading company in Kanagawa prefecture. He told me his company is foreign so the way of working is not really the Japanese one. Even though the country is comfortable for living, Alex thinks there is too much pressure on the Japanese workers.

His job allows him to travel a lot in the country. Alex has visited a huge part of the country and he is beginning to travel to other countries like Taiwan and the Philippines so far. I’d like to have a job which allows me to move like him! He appreciates the service in Japan – “In Russia, people are so rude when you ask for some help for administrative stuff. In Japan they’re smiling and they really make an effort.” He thinks cities are quite similar and he told me that visiting Tokyo and Kyoto give you an overall vision of Japan. However, I always want to visit all the cities in Japan.

I really enjoyed talking with Alex, he is a friendly and smiling person. He had some difficulties with English because he doesn’t practice it a lot. He said his Japanese is better than his English. He is not accustomed to speak to strangers he told me, but when I explained to him about my project, he found it interesting and we had a good moment together.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #47

Bree from USA

Bree has been working in Japan for three months and she is going to stay one year in Japan. She is working as an English teacher in Toyota city. Bree has been to Nagoya and Tokyo but she wants to visit more cities. She adores floral art which is widely spread in Japan. She showed me some artwork and it was very beautiful. I'd never heard about this type of art before so it was very interesting. About travelling, she hasn't travelled a lot, but she has been to France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Bree is from Washington DC and she told me that if you go there, take time to visit the monuments as they are very interesting. For example, the Lincoln Memorial. Plus she adds, “don't drive” as Washington DC is like Paris, there are many crazy drivers so it is kind of dangerous and traffic jams are insane during peak hours.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #46

Mark from Switzerland

I met Mark for the second time as he used to live in my guesthouse for a few days but unfortunately he left before I had the chance to interview him. So it was a good surprise for me today. We had enough time to talk and to eat lunch together before he left for Kyoto, where he really wants to visit before he leaves the country.

He works as a Project Manager in a carpentry business in Berne, the capital of Switzerland. He had a break and came to Japan for sightseeing. He has been to a huge part of the country with the Japan Rail Pass, which I guess is the best way to move in the country for foreigners who want to see many cities. Mark likes Japanese traditions, food especially sushi, ramen and udon and he thinks Japanese people are very respectful and polite.

“If you come to Switzerland, you must taste fondue and go and see mountains." He also recommends going skiing in Switzerland’s ski resorts. It was a pleasure to meet Mark again. I spent a good moment and I hope he will love Kyoto, I’m sure he will! I wish him a good trip.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #45

Kyle from Canada

Kyle is from Vancouver, west of Canada where he works as an advertiser. It is his second time in Japan but this time, he didn’t come for visiting the country. A Japanese friend he met during a trip is getting married and he came to attend the wedding ceremony which is going to be in Tokyo - kekkon omedeto!

We talked about travel. He told me he has visited all off Europe, many countries in South America (Argentina, Brazil…), USA and a few countries in Asia so far. In Japan, he has been to Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto. Kyle was very open-minded, I guess it is a positive consequence of travelling that much. He plans to go in Africa which he’d never visited before. He told me he is thinking of going to South Africa.

Kyle finds interesting the fact that each city is very different in Japan. He also enjoys Japanese food even though he thinks some things taste a bit bland. His favorite dish is unagi don. I would like to taste it, I saw this dish in many restaurants so I will try it soon!

Kyle is a friendly, open minded person. It was cool to have a conversation with him. I wish him a good stay in Japan!

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The people who I met in Nagoya #44

Simone from Italy

Simone is from the City of Love – Venice, and like a few other students I’ve met before him, he is part of an exchange program. He told me he could have chosen another country but he chose Japan because “Italy and Japan are two different worlds so it is a sort of challenge for me”.

When he arrived, he was disappointed by the fact Japanese don’t show their feelings “You feel like you’re never really close to the person” but now he is used to it and his exchange is going well.

Simone invested himself enormously, plus he every day lessons at Ise High School in Mie. He is also taking Japanese courses in the evening. He showed me his notes, I was really impressed!

Simone has visited Hiroshima, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Fukuoka with his host family, he is so lucky! I wish I had done an exchange program in Japan when I was in high school. He told me his favorite Japanese dish is okonomiyaki, I’ve never tasted it, but I will soon!

I am happy for Simone, he is really enjoying his trip to Japan. He told me that he doesn’t want to go back to Italy and later, if he has the opportunity, he would like to live and work in Japan! He was a bit stressed when we started talking but after a few minutes it was fine and we could spend a good time together.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #43

Jonathan from the United Kingdom

Jonathan is a regular Japan traveler. Although he has already visited Japan five times, he told me he has a lot of things to learn about the country and places to explore. He is currently learning Japanese and he envisages working in Japan later. He used to study international relations and he is very interested in politics. Before he came to Japan, he was travelling in Asia, so recently, he has been to Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Thailand. Japan is still his favorite Asian country.

Jonathan likes the fact the country is very safe “you can go outside, even at 3am, without fear” he told me. He appreciates the stores which are open 24 hours. “It is a real pleasure for me who loves strolling at any time”. He particularly enjoyed his trip in Kyoto because of the authenticity of the temples.

Jonathan was in a hurry so we didn’t talk a lot. He was fine with accepting the interview though. He was very friendly and I wish I could have spoken much more with him.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #42

Amelie from Canada

Amelie is from Montreal where she works as a nurse teacher in the city’s university.

It is her first time in Japan - she arrived on the 22nd of May and she is staying for one month. The primary reason for her coming to Japan is to assist at a conference about medical subjects in Matsumoto. But it was also an opportunity for her to discover a new country – she has visited about 20 countries in all continents and she did it alone mostly! In Japan, she has been to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima.

Amelie is very athletic. She is fond of mountain sports, particularly hiking so she will enjoy it in Matsumoto. She likes Japanese food, particularly Kansai specialties.

I really enjoyed talking with Amelie, all throughout the interview, she was joking and laughing. I spent a good moment with her and she told me a lot about Canada. She wanted to say to Japanese who travel to Canada “Don’t be shy. Canadian people won’t necessarily take the first step, you have to take matters into your own hands and they will be very friendly.”

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The people who I met in Nagoya #41

Johannis from Germany

Johannis has just finished high school and decided to take a sabbatical year to go travelling. So he went to Australia where he met a lot of Japanese working in farms (he came to Japan to see them) and then to South Korea. He told me that he prefers Korean food to Japanese food but he does love okonomiyaki.

It is Johannis’s first time in Japan and he is staying 10 days. He has visited Kobe and Kyoto and after spending a few days with his friends, he will go to Tokyo. He told me that he maybe will visit other countries if his financial situation is sufficient after his trip in Japan.

Travelling is the best experience you can have - Johannis is only 19 years old but he isn't afraid to face the unknown alone. In addition to improving his English, his trip allows him to meet new people and open his mind. I’m happy for him, he is a cool person.

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The people who I met in Nagoya #40

Charlotte from Australia

Charlotte arrived in Japan three days ago with her boyfriend and they are going to stay for two weeks. They have visited Tokyo, Kobe and Osaka and they will go to Takayama, primarily for the castle town. Charlotte works in human resources and I think this is in line with her personality. Charlotte is very smiley and she told me “I love this country and Japanese are so cute!” In the sense they are very polite and ready to help foreigners.

Charlotte likes art, especially painting. She told me that her boyfriend is a painter, he lives by selling his pieces. What a chance to make his passion into a profession.

She has met a lot a Japanese in Australia and she would like to say to Japanese who want to visit Australia “Avoid Sydney and come to Melbourne. It looks like Japan and it is a good transition between two various way of life”

I liked talking with Charlotte even if it was a bit short. I hope she and her boyfriend will enjoy their trip in Japan!

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